Chinese Dragon Boat Race starts at Fuzhou Station Fuzhou Puxia advances to 100m straight race final May 24. Yesterday morning, the Chinese Dragon Boat Race at the Fuzhou Station fired a gun at the Dragon Boat Pool in the Puxia River section.Although the goddess is not beautiful, it is under heavy rain, but it still can’t stop the enthusiastic Fuzhou citizens from coming to watch the battle. 20 professional dragon boats, 12 young dragon boats and 8 traditional dragon boats compete for today’s semifinals and finals.Quota.Today, from 12:30 to 14:45, CCTV-5 will broadcast the contest live, and the public are welcome to watch it.After the preliminaries and rematches yesterday, the local teams of Fuzhou Cangshan Puxia and Fuzhou Puxia performed well and performed well.  In the preliminaries of the professional men’s 200m straight race, Fuzhou Cangshan Puxia and Fuzhou Puxia both made the first round of the group and entered the semifinals today; Fuzhou Cangshan Puxia also entered the professional men’s 100m straight race final; in the professional menIn the 500-meter straight race finals, Fuzhou Puxia and Fuzhou Cangshan Puxia occupy two seats, and will compete with the two teams of Nanhai Jiujiang and Dongguan Mayong Guangda.(Haidu reporter Huang Xuanxuan/Wen Xiaochundao/picture)