War Epidemic Diary · Business — March 19
March 19, 2020[Distribution]Beijing advocates “contactless distribution” for e-commerce, catering and other enterprises. On March 19, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and 14 associations issued a “contactless distribution” service manual.Recommendations suggest that e-commerce, take-out, and express delivery service platforms should add “contactless delivery” or “contact rider”, “contact customers” and other options, consumers place orders to replace the “contactless delivery” service; or choose to contact the delivery staffContact the agreed delivery location for the buyer to pick it up.Riders take express delivery, minimize direct contact with people when taking out, how to wear a mask during the delivery process, and disinfect the shipping box regularly.Express delivery companies should speed up the promotion and application of smart terminal delivery facilities such as smart express boxes and take-away counters.[Limited current]Beijing releases guidelines for museum opening: the full-name real-name system is used to make appointments for visits. The Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau has developed “Guidelines for the Orderly Opening of Beijing Regional Museums during Epidemic Prevention and Control”, and guides Beijing regional museums to prepare for the openingService reception after opening.The guidelines clearly stipulate that all museums should fully implement the real-name system for reservations and visits, suspend manual explanations, and the daily reception volume should not exceed 50% of the maximum daily transportation volume.Beijing Botanical Garden implements current limit control and cancels this spring Peach Blossom Festival To ensure the safety of tourists, Beijing Botanical Garden implements current limit control measures since March 19, canceling the 32nd Beijing Peach Blossom Festival, and recommends tourists to enjoy flowers at the wrong peak.The closed exhibition rooms, scenic spots, and entertainment projects continue to remain closed.Cherry Valley, the lake area scenic area does not increase spray, overlapping water landscape.Sugenyuan Garden, Jixiu Garden, the surrounding area of the Lake District, Huaxi and other easily-gathering areas are subject to closed management.【Resume】 Restoration in the lodging and catering industry is slow?The Ministry of Commerce formally responded on March 19, Zhu Xiaoliang, Director of the Market Construction Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that on March 16th, the resumption rate of domestic life service enterprises exceeded 60%, which was a certain gap from the speed of remanufacturing in manufacturing.First and foremost, services including some local restaurants and dine-in restaurants have not yet been fully liberalized.The domestic epidemic situation has obviously eased, but the foreign epidemic situation has become increasingly severe, and it will take time for consumer confidence to recover.Most life service companies are labor-intensive industries, and some employees have not returned to work because of the slow recovery rate.The Ministry of Commerce will work with the relevant departments to study the notification of the resumption of work in the zoning and classification of the life service industry, to exclude unreasonable restrictions on the resumption of business, and to support life service companies to accelerate their work resumption.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ping editor Li Yang proofreading Li Xiangling