The actual controller “Oolong” voted for Zhaoxin to receive the supervision letter from Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau
Because all directors and supervisors have resigned, the listed company Shenzhen Zhaoxin Energy Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: * ST Zhaoxin, 002256) replaced the three additional relevant titles of directors and supervisors on May 7 at an interim extraordinary shareholders meeting.The final three estimates were not approved.In the evening of the same day, Zhaoxin disclosed that the company received a letter of apology from the actual controller Chen Yongdi.Chen Yongdi said that his voting intentions for the three scores were all in favor. However, due to the erroneous operation of the clerk arranged by him in the online voting, the voting results did not reflect my voting intentions, and ultimately the above three aspects were not passed.On the evening of May 8, Zhaoxin announced that the company had received a letter of supervisory opinion from the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau (Shenzhen Securities Bureau Company Word[2020]No. 85) (hereinafter referred to as the “supervisory letter”).The supervisory letter stated that since March 2020, all directors, supervisors and some senior management personnel of the company have successively proposed to resign.On May 7, the company established the first temporary general meeting of shareholders in 2020 to add new directors and supervisors, and related major shareholders abstained, resulting in a failure of the general meeting of shareholders.The Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau pays close attention to this. Its three regulatory requirements for Zhaoxin include that the company should coordinate with shareholders as soon as possible, actively negotiate to formulate practical solutions, and promptly promote the directors in accordance with the procedures.Governance and directors; current directors, supervisors and senior management of the company should strictly follow the requirements of the “Company Law” and “Securities Law”, continue to faithfully and diligently enforce the law, and maintain the stability of the company’s operation and operation; the company should respond to the company and important shareholders.Maintain close attention to major events, and merge the letter and obligation in a timely manner according to law.Information shows that Chen Yongdi and Shen Shaoling are the actual controllers of Zhaoxin.As of April 24 this year, Chen Yongdi directly held Zhaoxin shares.9.4 billion shares, accounting for 26 of the company’s total share capital.26%.In addition, Chen Yongdi and Shen Shaolin held Zhaoxin shares through Rainbow Group1.7.2 billion shares, accounting for 9 of the company’s total share capital.12%. Currently, Rainbow Group has entered bankruptcy proceedings and has been elected as bankruptcy administrator.On May 21, Zhaoxin will join the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.For the three unsuccessful budget estimates, Huitong Zhengyuan Fund, the third largest shareholder of Zhaoxin Co., Ltd., issued a “Temporary Temporary Letter to Increase the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to Shenzhen Zhaoxin Energy Co., Ltd.”, applying for a ratio of three.The content was reformulated, and Zhaoxin’s board of directors had agreed.Democracy, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau took administrative supervision measures on Zhaoxin shares on April 26, requiring listed companies to take effective measures to implement effective measures on matters that caused the audit report to fail to express opinions and the internal control assurance report to deny the opinionRectification and correction, re-preparation of the 2019 annual report, and the re-audited 2019 annual financial report by the auditing agency.Relevant reports: Zhaoxin shares legal daily limit supervision: annual report redoing Dong Jian Gao’s objections, Zhao Xin shares re-disclosure annual report: Dong Jian Gao changed from “reverse water” to “fidelity” editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Jun reporter contact email: