“Trim” Huang Xiaoming: Most want to try Shang Xirui’s play
With the popularity of “The Sideburn Is Not Begonia Red”, Huang Xiaoming’s performance in the script was praised by netizens as a “cleansing agent”, and he took off the “greasy” hat that had been on his body for many years.Recently, in an interview with Sauna Ye.com, Huang Xiaoming admitted that he did not anticipate everyone ‘s praise. Even initially, he was ready to be “scolded”. “But Cheng Fengtai is a very cute person.Meng, I believe everyone will love this role if they watch the show.”People: Cheng Fengtai has both” chivalry “and” banditry “after the TV series” New Shanghai “, Huang Xiaoming has not taken the time script for a long time.In “The Sideburn Is Not Begonia Red”, Cheng Fengtai, played by Huang Xiaoming, has been studying abroad for many years. He is a new rich businessman, but he is rich in the world.When Japan invaded China and the mountains and rivers were swaying, he supported the motherland and called on other businessmen to stick to the country’s interests over the sky.In life, Cheng Fengtai likes to watch movies, and at first thought that Peking Opera could not understand, but did not expect to have a close relationship with Liyuan in the days to come.Talking about the original intention of taking over the play, Huang Xiaoming said that he has always been very meaningful to the scripts of drama elements. He wanted to play works related to the drama, and the characters in the original and the scripts were very vivid.In Huang Xiaoming’s view, Cheng Fengtai is a “protector” setting. In addition to protecting Peking opera culture, he also protects his family and friends. He has both “chivalry” and “banditry” in his body. He has always been in the gap between the times and realityFighting, such a person is also lonely, because he has been living for others.Cheng Fengtai’s personality changed, becoming his attractive point.The picture comes from the Internet Secret 1: In order to play Cheng Fengtai, Huang Xiaoming exchanged his understanding of Cheng Fengtai with the original author, entered the group to read the script in advance, and communicated with the director, screenwriter and production staff.In the play, Cheng Fengtai’s “cleanliness” sometimes does not eat outside. In dirty environments, he will not know where to put his hands and feet. Shang Xirui takes him to the small restaurant he has visited for 40 years.He took off his hat, looked at the table and put it back on the details. It was Huang Xiaoming who understood the script. After the characters, they added some small designs when filming.Filming: Almost every filming and drinking scene is really drinking Cheng Fengtai, laid flat to the outside, settled down internally, patriotic and loving home, and will act as a perfect positive figure if you are not careful.But Cheng Fengtai, who was performed by Huang Xiaoming, was three-dimensionally plump, but he was pure in heart but also shot a bandit with a gun. His heart was also very delicate and exquisite, and sometimes he also brought a sense of joy, which all brought closer to the audience.”The temple is not Begonia red” has a lighter comedy style. Many plots and lines designed in the play are very popular.Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui, although they are the business elite and the idiot respectively, but their lives are quite impressive.Especially in the scene where the two were fighting in the play, Cheng Fengtai was chased by Shang Xirui to the river, and Huang Xiaoming interpreted that “made a mistake, knew the mistake, and was afraid of being beaten”.The interaction between Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui brought an interesting plot to the play.The picture comes from the network. Huang Xiaoming sometimes deliberately added some details to reflect Cheng Fengtai’s grounded side, “Because he is too delicate and perfect, if it is presented that way, the characters will feel a distance from the audience and will produce fireworks.So when shooting, he will put some of his cute, close to the side of everyone’s life.”Revelation 2: In the play, Cheng Fengtai listened to Shang Xirui singing” The Palace of Longevity “on the stage, and he cried when he listened.After Yang Guifei’s self-death play, Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui talked about each other, telling stories and drinking wine. This scene also became the emotional node of the two people’s mutual sympathy.In the play, the laughter of the two people after drinking was hearty and natural, unscrupulous, and even some netizens suspected that Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng were really drinking in that scene.Huang Xiaoming said frankly that he did drink some wine in order to find Weiyong at the scene, but Yin Zheng had a moderate amount of wine, so a glass of wine went a bit higher, and said to the director, “Hurry up and shoot.”Huang Xiaoming himself was drinking almost every time he drank a drink,” so everyone has seen my work, in fact, he has seen me drink big, and was shooting the last scene of “China Partner”It was really time to drink, and it was also up.In Huang Xiaoming’s view, Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui’s friendship in the play can be understood as follows: Cheng Fengtai is an exquisite person, he has experienced many things, so he is very thoughtful and considerate.Shang Xirui is quite the opposite. His world is relatively simple, so what he does more is to do it with his own preferences.Cheng Fengtai was an international student before he fell in his homeland. He wrote scripts and acted in dramas. He thought of foreign schools and advocated freedom. However, such people compromised their lives because of the accident, so when he saw Shang Xirui, he often remembered the former Cheng Fengtai.Shang Xirui’s protection was actually the protection of Cheng Fengtai in the past, and he also fought against life in disguise, a manifestation of his uncompromising.”Performance: Mature men who have experienced the storm must not cry so much.” The sideburns are not Begonia red “The biggest” benefit “that Huang Xiaoming currently brings is that many audiences lament that Huang Xiaoming’s acting skills are finally no longer greasy.Huang Xiaoming has plays in his eyes several times in the play, and his emotions are in it.For example, when listening to Shang Xirui singing Yang Yuhuan, that inner monologue, both in lines and expressions, was very devoted. On the way home, Cheng Fengtai was completely lost, slightly bowed, his eyes straight, walking staggeringStumbled, just walked very mechanically, the soul is still in the theater just now.Huang Xiaoming’s inner drama is delicate, and his lines have a sense.The picture comes from the Internet Secret 3: At that time, only the inner drama of the monologue was more than five minutes. Huang Xiaoming said that the actual shooting was actually not as complicated and difficult as everyone thought, and the shooting was very smooth.”It’s much easier to clarify the inner feelings of the characters, and then it’s much easier to go to the show. It’s just that there is no line in the show, and Cheng Fengtai’s character is very restrained, so he has to keep it, and it can only be reflected by his eyes and slight body movements.”He is a mature man who has been in charge of everybody’s business and has experienced storms and waves, so crying must not cry so loudly.”In this scene, if you act too restrained, there will also be corrections. Cheng Fengtai was inadvertently touched by the” Longevity Hall “and there was no predictability, so it is unpredictable for him to cry.”It’s also about monologues, you can’t deliberately sensationalize, and you can’t make the audience feel that this is complaining.”Those pasts are just a touch of life in Dangdang Chengfengtai’s life, he just talked about the past.”Huang Xiaoming’s acting online is more than just this scene, and some people are also impressed with the” couple “rivalry between She and She Shiman.The combination of Huang Xiaoming and She Shiman’s “Second Grandpa and Grandma” is known as a “dessert shop”. As long as they are together, they will sprinkle sugar.Cheng Fengtai was sincere about her, so she put on an earring to test whether Cheng Fengtai really cared about her.After Cheng Fengtai looked at his wife and wife casually for a while, he narrowed his eyes and praised his wife’s good looks. Many netizens said that they were like a boyfriend who was very perfunctory.Secret 4: Huang Xiaoming and She Shiman often discuss how to act to show the intimacy between husband and wife. Sometimes the script may only say “two people sitting together”, so it would be very dry to do it, so when it is performedThe two will add a bit of detail to make the characters live a little better and look better.Including Cheng Fengtai ‘s return from killing the bandits and shaving in the car before returning home, they were all small details designed by Huang Xiaoming himself. “At that time, Cheng Fengtai was all bloody, but he was also a person who loved his family very much.Judging from this, it is impossible for him to go back to meet important people with a bloody smell, so I proposed to the director at the time that this design could be added. This was to reflect Cheng Fengtai’s importance to his family, and to show the delicate aspect of this character.”The interaction between grandpa and grandma is interesting and lifelike.The picture comes from the Internet. Some viewers said that after reading these episodes, Huang Xiaoming’s state seemed to return to the best time of “New Shanghai Beach”. As long as he is not evil and smiling, he can give praise.Others compared the stills of “Er Cheng Cheng” with “Xu Wenqiang” of “New Shanghai Bund” a few years ago.Secret 5: Huang Xiaoming said frankly that he was worried that everyone would think of Xu Wenqiang when he saw Cheng Fengtai. Because they all have such hats in the Republic of China background, he deliberately reduced the wearing of hats.If you want to talk about the changes that have gone through these years, he said that from “Shanghai” to the present, he has matured a lot more than before. “There will be slight changes in mentality and appearance, and life experience will be more abundant.These experiences will be more delicate when performing.”Go overbearing and go to oil: what I’ve always done is the worst plan from” Summer of Bubbles “and” The Splendid Adventure of Splendid Edge “to” Why Shengmomo “, in these” Idol Drama “works, Huang Xiaoming”The “overbearing president” has been criticized by netizens. Although he has also appeared in “Langya Bang 2”, “No Questions to the West”, and “Heroes of Fire”, he has never been able to wash away everyone. “”Overbearing President” impression.Huang Xiaoming didn’t think he played many overbearing presidents, “I don’t know why I’ve played many overbearing presidents?”For Huang Xiaoming’s performance this time, the netizens’ most concentrated evaluation is that” Huang Xiaoming has gone to oil (greasy) and become handsome! “”Huang Xiaoming said frankly that I was still very happy to see everyone’s compliments,” because I always made the worst plan in my heart, and I thought about how everyone would curse. I didn’t expect the response after the broadcast to be good. Thank you.”Revelation 6: Huang Xiaoming starred in Cheng Chengfengtai’s feeling of” heart and soul “, changing similar life experiences.He lives in a very happy and harmonious family, grew up in an arrangement of love, and has always been very clever.As the eldest son and grandson of the family, Huang Xiaoming was asked to take care of his brothers and sisters from an early age, so he naturally takes care of others.In addition, Huang Xiaoming had better luck when he was young-he became famous as a young man. Everyone thinks that he is smooth sailing, and Huang Xiaoming may have nothing to worry about.However, pure growth experience is not an advantage for being an actor.Huang Xiaoming once frankly analyzed himself and felt that he was not a talented actor, nor was he just a good actor.But Huang Xiaoming is very hard-working and very hard-working. The more he feels that he is not suitable for this business, the more he wants to prove that he can do well.Huang Xiaoming said that his mentality is indeed much better than before. “The profession of actor is to forcefully receive voices from all directions, so you must have a good mentality.I keep telling myself that it ‘s nothing more than you laughing at me, and it ‘s not a big deal if I smile at you again.”Dialogue: Sauna Night Net: If you rated yourself this time in” The Sideburn Is Not Begonia Red “, how would you rate it?Huang Xiaoming: 80 points, there is still room for hard work.Sauna Night: To sum up “Er Cheng” in one word or one sentence, do you think a certain word is more appropriate?Huang Xiaoming: When people live, they can’t help themselves, they can be alone, they can’t help themselves.This sentence is a portrayal of Cheng Fengtai’s real life. In order to consolidate his family, he has to give up his studies and choose to pursue business. To some extent, he has been living for others. The life he is now living is not what he thought.Sauna Night Net: Your lines in the drama feel especially substituting. Did you practice the lines this time?Huang Xiaoming: Recently, people have been asking “how do lines are practiced”, in fact, I have always been like this, but it may be that some scripts that were filmed in the past were ignored by everyone.Sauna Night Net: You said that you once proposed to the director to add a fantasies like Shang Xirui. The director was troublesome.Was there really such an idea at the time?Huang Xiaoming: Yandanjiao is more breakthrough and challenging, so at this level, I definitely want to challenge it, and Yin Zhengjing’s play is very beautiful. Every time I see it, I will feel “Wow, so beautiful”,I really wanted to try it, even if it was a reverse drama, but the director relentlessly rejected it.Sauna Night Net: After playing for many years, are there any roles you really want to try but have never had the opportunity to play?Huang Xiaoming: Danjiao, haha.Yin Zheng’s drama looks very beautiful, so Huang Xiaoming also wants to try Danjiao.The picture comes from the online sauna, edited by Tong Wei at night net, Liu Na and Xue Jingning